25 July 2011

Fourth of July Part 2

On the 4th of July, Ft. Stewart had a big celebration during the day and a concert that night. Fantasia and the Zac Brown Band came!!! The activities during the day were great! Although it was hot out, everything was free! Tons of restaurants from Hinesville set up and there was free food everywhere - any kind you might like! We met Emmalyn and her parents there and the girls enjoyed the petting zoo and getting their faces painted.

Looking on at the animals in the petting zoo

Katelyn was pretty excited about her puppy balloon.
She placed with it for quite a while before it eventually came untied
but she still called it a puppy even though it looked more like a snake!

The girls with their pups!

When we headed over to the face painting tent, I was a little nervous!
I didn't think she'd sit still or even allow them to paint on her face.
Man was I wrong!
She sat sooo still for what seemed like FOREVER!
I thought this lady was NEVER going to finish!

At her first concert!
She was a great sport and lasted for the end of Fantasia and all but 15 minutes of the ZBB.
The fireworks were after the concert, so we headed back to the car a few minutes early and found a great parking spot and enjoyed the 30 minute firework show post put on!
I thought it was going to go on all night!
Katelyn enjoyed the "Booms" again!
She still asks to go see fireworks and Booms every once and a while!

I hope y'all had a great 4th!

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