22 July 2011


Katelyn is pretty interested in tractors right now. Whenever we pass any construction equipment she says over and over again...tractor, tractor, tractor. We don't have any "real" tractors around here so for now she'll just call the construction equipment "tractors". And whenever we go to any store that has riding lawn mowers, she thinks she needs to sit on them ALL and drive them. This sure reminds me of my brother when he was younger! Every store, every fair, everywhere there were tractors...he had to climb into E.V.E.R.Y one of them! To me, they were all the same, but not to him! I'm sure Jack was probably a "tractor" boy too, so she gets it honestly! Hopefully one of these days when we make it back to the midwest where there are tractors everywhere, she can get a ride on one. She'll be in heaven!

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