19 August 2012

Silver Dollar City

Today, we headed to Branson, MO to meet the Watkins' and go to Silver Dollar City. They have season passes and get a certain number of free passes per year so they invited us to go with them. Katelyn always has a blast playing with Reagan so she was really excited. We didn't tell her until the night before that we were going because I didn't want to get asked 90 times during the week if we were going to see Reagan that day.

The rides open at 10, but you can enter the park beforehand and only go so far and then it's blocked off until 10. But in the mean time, they do the Pledge of Allegiance, Star Spangled Banner and then raised the flag. I makes me so happy to see Katelyn put her hand over her heart whenever she hears the Star Spangled Banner. (She learned that from watching NASCAR races. I guess something good has come out of them! heeh)

Hands over their heart while the flag is being raised.

Rolling the big ball in water
When we first got there, the kids got measured for height and given a bracelet. They were color coded so the ride attendant knew if they were tall enough to ride that particular ride by themselves or needed an adult and it also had a phone number of a parent in case they got separated. I thought this was a great idea!


The roller coaster was her first ride at the park and the girl didn't even think twice about it. She just ran right up to the line. This was the one ride Reagan wouldn't ride, but Katelyn had no fear. I think she is going to be Daddy's roller coaster fan because she sure didn't get this from me! She was squealing and giggling the whole time! It really zipped around the track for it being a kiddie ride!

Snack time with Kennedy and Reagan

More rides with Daddy
And then there were 3 rides that the kids could ride without the adults. The frog ride was her favorite. These frogs hopped and the girls actually got some air! Good thing for seat belts! Well just check out the video to see what I'm talking about!

We ate lunch at SDC and the guys were going to go ride another big kid roller coaster, but as soon as they got to the ride, they closed all the rides because they had spotted lightning in the area. It was about 1:30 by this time, the kids had ridden all the kiddie rides once and were starting to get a bit rambunctious and the littles were ready for their naps. So we make the call to call it a day. Good thing too because as soon as we got to the car, it started raining so hard you couldn't even see to drive! Despite the rain cutting it a bit short, we had a great time, as we always do with the Watkins'!

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