24 August 2012

{Watch Me Grow} 6 Months

Half a year old! He's getting so big and becoming such a handsome lil man! A little charmer and many say I'm going to have to shoo the girls away when he gets older ;) He's so easy to make smile and is usually a happy guy.


ROLLING!! Everywhere! He is a rolling machine and likes to get into things his sister has left out. She doesn't like it too much when he gets into her art stuff or grabs her pictures she's colored. Guess she'll learn sooner or later not to leave it in her brother's path!

He is trying to figure out the crawling thing. He gets up on his knees and rocks back and forth, but hasn't figured out how to get his legs and arms to work together. Soon I'm sure! Then I'm really going to have to do some baby proofing. I didn't do much with Katelyn, but he is already finding the cords and other things he shouldn't!

"Look what I found! I'm sure you don't want me in this stuff!!"


No words yet. Lots and Lots of babble. I'm hoping that "Momma or Dadda" will be coming out soon!


He still is a great eater when it comes to baby food. He will eat about everything, but is not a big fan of bananas. I can get him to eat some of the vegetables (sweet potatoes, squash) a little better if I mix the spoon of vegetable with some pears. His favorite foods so far seem to be green beans and pears.

" Squash in my hair?! No big deal Mom."

I am still pumping, but am planning on switching over to formula soon. This ol' cow is getting tired! :) I'm ready to not be tied to that machine every 4-5 hours. I commend those moms that are able to do it for a year. I set my goal for 6 months (which was what Katelyn got as well) and I've made it! I am not making enough to completely sustain him anymore and the freezer stash is alllllmost gone, so I will have to supplement with formula anyways. Soooo, we'll see what the next month brings!


Getting a little better than last month, but nothing to write home about. Usually he is waking up one time per night and it's always around 3 AM, then will eat and go back down until about 7. When he wakes up at 3, it's like he wants to be up for a while - wide awake, rolling around his crib and then he starts to get agitated and wants someone to get him. When he wakes up and eats, he's been eating 6-7 oz so he is hungry, but I think he could make it through the night without eating. If he gets on formula, I'm hoping that will keep him fuller longer and then we'll start the crying out thing again.

He takes a short cat nap about 1.5-2 hours after waking up; usually it's just in the car when we are on the way to dropping Katelyn off at school and running errands. Then he takes a nap in his bed (on a good day) around 11-12:30 (when I have to wake him most days to go get Katelyn from school) and then around 2:30-4:30ish. And then he goes to bed between 7:30-8. He starts to get pretty fussy around 7, but we've tried and found out that keeping him up until 7:45-8ish makes for a longer first stretch. Oh I can't wait for a full night sleep!!!


We went to Silver Dollar City with the Watkins'. Poor Will and Kennedy didn't get to have too much fun. He spent his time in the stroller, but was a good trooper while his sister had a great time. It'll be his turn soon!!

Watching everyone go on rides at Silver Dollar City

We've gone to the pool on post a few times and the water has always been cold, but he hasn't seemed to mind it.  Hopefully he'll be a water baby!

Papa and Grandma came to visit and gave him plenty of attention.

Will and Papa. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture with Grandma too. :(

Favorite Toys:

  • His aquarium hanging on the side of his crib! He knows how to turn it on and off with just about every body part i.e. head, legs, foot, arm. I have recently had to take it off his crib because when he was waking up in the  middle of the night and getting agitated, he would lay perpendicular in his bed and kick it with his feet and it was banging on the side of the crib. Maybe someday he can have it back......maybe once he starts sleeping at night!

"See Momma, this is how I do it."
  • His SISTER!!! I love how they are starting to interact and Katelyn can really get him laughing! She makes this crazy laugh and he just giggles and giggles. He has to make sure he can see her or knows where she is. If she walks away, he has his eyes on her always.

Looks like they are already plotting against me! It didn't take too long!

Just a few of the many that I've captured this month! I just can't seem to get enough of that gummy smile!


Weekly Pictures:
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Weight: 75th percentile
Height: 49th percentile

I'm a little prejudice, but isn't he just the little stud muffin in that outfit?! Little boys really are fun to dress!

Happy half birthday lil man! We love you so much!!!

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