12 August 2012

Papa and Grandma's visit

Papa and Grandma came to visit for the weekend. We hadn't seen them since June so Katelyn was VERY excited for them to come visit!! The weather over the weekend was absolutely BEAUTIFUL! If I could find a place that had weather like that all year round, I would move!

We took advantage of the nice weather and spent LOTS of time outside! We went to the park on Friday morning and skipped some rocks in the creek, played on the slide and swings and saw the Waynesville Rural Fire Dept Truck. They were at the park to fill up a dunk tank for an event that was going on. Katelyn and Papa were watching them fill it up and one of the firefighters noticed them and asked if she wanted to get on. Well of course!!!

The firefight put the headphones on Katelyn and was planning on putting the other set on himself and talking to her through the headphones, but someone forgot to charge the other set so the battery was dead. (I don't think that is supposed to happen. He didn't seem too pleased that the set didn't work!)

When we got home, I made some spray sidewalk chalk. Thanks Pinterest!! Katelyn enjoyed it; however, a spray bottle with water was just as if not more exciting. She went around spraying everything in sight! Why hadn't I thought of a spray bottle before now! Every little kid loves to spray with those things!!

Of course the bush needed some spraying.

Papa and Will

I didn't get many more pictures from the weekend, but it was great to just hang out and spend time with them! Of course, Katelyn LOVED all the extra attention she got and Will was just fine with them as well. Papa and Grandma got to go to Katelyn's swimming lessons on Friday night and she loved showing off for them.

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