10 August 2012

Swimming Lessons

Post was offering Level 1 swim lessons and Katelyn was repeatedly telling me that she didn't know how to swim and wanted to learn. This level required parent involvement, so Jack made sure he was off of work early enough to spend a little time in the water with her. Katelyn's friends also took the same swimming lessons. The kids all enjoyed their extra time with their Daddy's. She's continued to ask about going back to swimming lessons.

Practicing floating on her back and swimming on her tummy with the instructor.
These swimming lessons brought back lots of memories of swimming lessons for me as a kid. When I first started, they put us on the steps and we practiced blowing bubbles and going under water. Ahhh, the memories!!

By the end of the first night she was willing to jump in from the side!

And even this silly girl poses for pictures at the pool!

Going down the slide after Katy.
Here she comes!!!!!!

These lessons didn't teach her strokes or anything too technical, but we just wanted her to be more comfortable with the water. I think she accomplished that! Now we just need to go back to the pool during the winter so she doesn't lose what she's learned! AND, she can spend some more time swimming with her Daddy!

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