03 February 2011

Daddy! Daddy!

Katelyn is starting to talk more and more and everyday seems to have something new for us. Well for at least the past week (I've noticed) that whenever we see a person in uniform she says "Daddy! Daddy!" It doesn't matter whether they are male, female, white, black, asian, etc.....they are all "Daddy!" Funny, but yet kind of embarrassing. Today, when I picked her up from school there was a couple touring the center for orientation. The female was wearing a uniform and then male was in civilian clothes. As I walk in I hear Katelyn saying over and over again....."Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" She cracks me up!

Oh and a side note ----

We had our first potty experience last night!! I put her on the potty before she got in the bath tub and she went!! We were all very excited for her and danced and clapped! She was pretty proud of herself too!

She went today a couple times but she doesn't understand the concept of waiting to go on the potty. I can put her on there and she won't go, wants to get down and 5 seconds later goes in her pants. So frustrating so we are close to being ready but not quite there yet. Don't get me wrong, we aren't giving up! Hopefully by her birthday she'll be in full potty training stage! Those Dora panties are waiting!! :)

And I'll leave you with a picture!

She got these cute jammies for Christmas! I just love what they say!!
(She's still trying to wake up, but you get the point.)


MICHELE said...

we have those jammies too!
Keep at the potty training. It is mega hard work for you but oh so worth it!

Lo thinks every "old" man is her "Papa!" so embarrassing when we are out.

Suzanne said...

I LOVE the pj's!