07 February 2011

21 Months!

Only 3 more months and my baby isn't going to be such a baby anymore....not that she is currently much of a baby.

Some milestones -

*She has started talking more and more each day. It's always fun to see what she is going to pick up on. Our favorite right now is her version of "beep beeeeep" and chugging the "choo Choo". She calls Jack and I "mommy" and "daddy." The momma and dadda word is long gone.

*She continues to go to "school" 3-4 mornings a week and still LOVES every minute of it. She eats like a champ while she's there, often times asking for "More." I'm sure the workers think that I don't feed her at home, but she just eats so much better when there are other kids eating. No more crying when I drop her off; instead she walks in there like she is queen bee and owns the place. (There aren't many others that come as often as she does to hourly care, so all the workers know her name and make over her. I mean who wouldn't make over her...I think she's pretty darn cute ;)!! )

*She must be re-entering her "eating" phase at home because she is starting to eat a little better. We have about a month of good eating, then a month of bad eating. Hopefully we're entering the good eating month and never exit it!

*She continues to sleep very well at night and takes anywhere from a 2-3 hour nap. I'm sure part of the reason for a good nap in the afternoon is because she's worn out from school in the morning.

*She is infatuated with Dora the Explorer right now. She had been refusing to brush her teeth. I found a Dora toothbrush and problem solved. I'm able to get the brush in her mouth 2 times a day (If mommy can remember!) and she even lets me do it before she has to do it. She thinks she's pretty cool when she "spits" too.

*She's gone potty in the potty a few times, (Our Dora the potty seat is a hit!) but after having 3 accidents in one hour, I realized maybe we weren't quite there yet. Not giving up, but not pushing as hard. This momma was tired of cleaning pee out of the carpet! I'm hopeful that by her birthday we'll be there! Send potty thoughts our way! haha

*She's just so much fun to play with right now. Her doll continues to be her favorite toy - including feeding, putting bib on, and pushing her in the stroller. She's quite the little momma! She's realized that Daddy is pretty cool too and enjoys when he comes home from work at night. (He loves the welcome he gets when he walks in the backdoor!) She likes playing a little rougher with him and of course he enjoys that too. Hearing her laughing hysterically and saying "more" is just precious!

*She's still wearing 18 month clothes. I've began noticing that some of them are starting to get a little small...of course depends on the brand but I definitely think she's growing! She weighs between 24-25 pounds, not sure on the height. A growing girl!!

Guess that's all for now! Before long it'll be 2 years I'll be posting! Where have these years gone?!

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