14 February 2011

Dr. Biden and Mrs. Casey

Today, I got the honor to go to a luncheon with about 100 other spouses and soldiers in which Dr. Biden (VP Biden's spouse) and Mrs. Casey (General Casey's spouse) made an appearance. They are making stops at a few different posts to talk with spouses regarding some of the needs we may have, whether it be AER, ACS, Education, etc. Dr. Biden and Mrs. Casey were only here for a short period, but stories and issues were shared with them before arriving.

On Thursday I got a call from our previous battalion commander's spouse asking if I would be interested in attending this luncheon with her and 2 other spouses from our old battalion. I couldn't have felt more honored that she asked me, especially when there were many, many other spouses that she could have asked!

Left to Right:
Mrs. Cucolo (Gen Cucolo's spouse, Commanding General on post), Mrs. Casey, and Dr. Biden

1-30th IN folks with Dr. Biden (in the red suit)

Post has been crazy busy with preparations since about Friday. Schools were getting paint jobs and yards mowed, MPs on every corner, and security extra high. Today, news camera's were everywhere, as were the Secret Service. I can't imagine what she must feel like with this crazy entourage she has to travel with! I think it would take some getting used to! When she arrived in the parking lot, the room was on lock down until she got into the building and when she left, we were not allowed to leave the room until she was locked in a separate room ( I know kind of sounds like they held her hostage for a while! haha)

As I was leaving post today, there were 4 helicopters
(Jack would know what kind of helicopters they are but he's not here so to me they are just helicopters...sorry aviators!) in the front of Building 1.
This is the building Jack worked in when we first got to Ft. Stewart...it houses the Division Staff.

It was a great experience today and both Dr. Biden and Mrs. Casey were super nice!
Both have had sons deployed overseas, and of course, Mrs. Casey has had her husband gone numerous times as well, so they could both put themselves in our shoes.

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