07 February 2011

Super Bowl

While the dad's watched football, the mom's talked and the girl's played. We went over to Amy and Perry's house, Katelyn and Emmalyn are just 2.5 months apart and are finally getting to the age where they can somewhat play together. So fun watching them run around chasing each other, screaming little girl screams and laughing hysterically. Wish we'd all be together when the girls were about 5 - what fun they'd have. As Amy said last night, we'll have to have Skype parties. This is definitely one hard thing with the Army - making great friends and then moving on. :( Something I'll probably never get used to, but at least whenever we travel, we usually have someone we can stop and see! (Free accommodations haha!)

Hugs and....


Monkey see, Monkey Do!

Katelyn giving Emmalyn directions!

Emmalyn's turn to ride
(The girls have their paci's because they were both about 2 hours past bedtime, so starting to get grumpy!)

Katelyn loves carrying purses and bags around right now

Takin' a load off on the couch!

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Joann said...

What fun photos of Katelyn and Em. I love the ones of pushing each other around. You will just have to take Amy, Perry, and Em wherever you go!