22 February 2011

President's Day Weekend

We enjoyed a 4 day weekend in honor of President's Day being on Monday. We didn't do a lot; I was fighting off what I thought were just allergies, but turns out it's more than just allergies and then on Monday Katelyn woke up pretty miserable. So now, there are 2 snotty nosed people at our house...hopefully Jack can stay clear of it. We did take advantage of the nice weather this past weekend and got some much needed cleaning of the vehicles done and some other little projects around the house. When trying to clean out closets, rooms, etc, why does it seem like more of a mess gets made than when you started?!

We went out to play in the sandbox, but only to find it sitting in about 3 inches of water. (I didn't take a before picture) This picture is after we got most of the water out. Not sure how it fill so full of water, because Mr. Turtle has a shell for a lid - Guess in all the inches of rain we've gotten lately.

The excess water didn't keep Katelyn from climbing right in!

She was one DIRTY little girl when she got through. Definitely warranted a bath before dinner!

Daddy said this was the perfect consistency for playing in the sand!

On Monday, Jack graciously volunteered to drive with another guy from our church to a nursery in FL (about 4 hours from here) to pick up some trees and shrubs for the new building. They needed trucks and of course ours was big enough that they didn't have to take multiple vehicles! (Our church is in the process of building their very first church home and it should be finished in May. We're all very excited about this! No more meeting in the funeral home! ha!) So while Jack was gone all day, Katelyn and I lazed around feeling sorry for our sick selves ha!

Hope ya'll had a fun and relaxing weekend!

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