22 February 2011

Kitchen helper

Katelyn helped me make mashed potatoes for dinner last night.
She really thought she was a big shot!
I may have created a monster now!

I can't wait until she can do more in the kitchen!
I'll have a little helper!

If you look closely you'll see folks placed in front of all the chairs.
Katelyn has learned how to set the table at school.
So every night I give her the utensils for the table and
she takes them over and puts them in Daddy's, Mommy's and Katelyn's spot.
She's good about putting one folk, one butter knife and then moving on to the next one.
It's so stinkin' cute!


Steph said...

now that you let her help you she'll be pulling up a chair every time you turn on the water!!

can't believe you've been outside in shorts and t shirts already!!

MICHELE said...

love it! Lo does the same thing and DEMANDS to 'help' me. Some days I want to scream NO! But then I want her to learn.

Joann said...

How fun! I can't wait to see her cooking skills!