24 April 2011


Today was a great day! A wonderful reason to celebrate!! We went to Church an hour earlier today to participate in Easter Breakfast on the porch. Then after church we went to the White's house for Easter dinner. And when we got home, we found the Easter Bunny had made a visit to our house ;)!

Our Cinderella!
She said several times "K K Pretty" after I told her she was so pretty in her fancy dress.
Thanks to Sadie for letting Katelyn wear your pretty dress!

Breakfast on the porch before church

Second Easter egg hunt of the season.
Neither of the girls were too into it....
Emmalyn only wanted the eggs that had candy in them and if they were empty,
she would throw them back down.

And Katelyn didn't want the eggs that were laying open.
Lose Lose for both girls.
Oh well!

Since the hunt wasn't a big hit, they turned the sprinklers on.
Now that was a hit!
I can't say I ever remember being able to run in the sprinklers on Easter....oh wait - I lived in Kansas!

Katelyn would make this face every time the water caught her like it was the first time each time!
Crazy girl!

The Easter Bunny had a very Dora themed Easter basket this year.
Katelyn loved it and was sad when the presents were all opened.
She's going to LOVE her birthday.....in 2 weeks :(

The Easter bunny brought Dora water colors.
She couldn't quite remember that you had to put the paint brush from the water,
to the paint, to the paint book.

She kept wanting to go from the cup to the paint and back to the cup again.
Needless to say, the water was very colorful! ha!
Soon she'll get it figured out!

I hope y'all had a great Easter!
It was wonderful to be able to spend Easter as a family and I'm looking forward to more holidays in the years to come!


Joann said...

K K did look beautiful!! I wish we could have been there to see all the fun!

Steph said...

She looks so grown up and cute! I can't believe you are running around in sprinklers!! Whitney had her winter coat on this weekend! I like you hair longer too!