04 April 2011

Monkey Joes

Katelyn and I went to a birthday party over the St. Patty's Day weekend. Jack was in Bristol, TN for the Nascar race with some buddies so he wasn't able to go with us. (Hopefully he can do a post about his weekend!) The birthday party was at Monkey Joes - an indoor place with inflatables. I wasn't sure how Katelyn would do - the last time she'd played in the inflatables, she was the only one in the joint and she wasn't so happy to be bouncing, just going down the slides. I was also able to get in with her last time since there wasn't anyone there. This time - it was PACKED since it was on a Saturday!

But - she LOVED it! I didn't think she'd be able to get up to the slides since you have to climb ladders and such, but she disappeared one time and then next thing I knew she was coming down the slide all by herself! Little stinker! Needless to say, she didn't want to leave and we had tears on the way out!


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