04 April 2011

Playing "Peek" with Pops

Katelyn had a lot of fun when Grammie and Pops were here. She had someone to keep her entertained ALL the time! She thought it was fun to play Peek a boo with Pops!

Here are just some other fun pictures from our time with John and Joann......

Grocery shopping at the Commissary -
Grammie and Katelyn had a blast shopping with this cart.
Katelyn got the ride of her life!
She wanted to use that cart the next time we went,
but mean ol' mom said no - not big enough!
Grammie is always more fun than Mom!

Who knew that a simple box from Sam's could be so entertaining!

Being a goof ball-
But a side note .............

We no longer have that ugly plug!
She is a pacifier free girl so you'll never see another picture of Katelyn with a paci!

I ordered this bag from a 31 party I attended -
when it arrived, Katelyn must have thought it was a bag to carry her in because she just climbed right in!
She fit perfectly!

Fun at the park - and to think that this girl used to HATE swings!

1 comment:

Steph said...

Cute pics! Hey is that a new coach purse you got??? if it is mine is just like it!! Hot pink patent leather.