21 April 2011

Happy Party Day Daddy

Last Thursday Jack had a big birthday. I won't say just how old....but the second number was a zero! Katelyn and I had a little something up our sleeve. I was planning on getting his key to the office and decorating it up on Wednesday night so when he got there on Thursday morning it'd be waiting, but he spoiled that plan when he didn't get home until after 8 on Wednesday night. So, we just got some balloons, a cake and took it up to work in the morning to make sure everyone knew that it was his big day! I kept talking about it with Katelyn and she kept saying "Happy Party Day Daddy! Happy Party Day Daddy!" And if you asked her who's birthday it was she would say "Daddy, Party Day." She was excited and poor Jack didn't even get to open his presents. The minute I sat them on the table, she ripped right into them. Her birthday should be a lot of fun!

Katelyn's giving Jack the balloons she picked out for him.
You can't really see it, but there is an Elmo balloon in there!
That's the first one she saw when we walked into the store and wouldn't stop saying Elmo, so I figured what the heck!

Happy 30th Birthday Old Man!!
We love you!!
(Oops! Did I just say the number!)
I can give him a hard time about being old since he's older than me!

Sorry the pictures aren't the best; I should have brought my good camera instead. Oh well!

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MICHELE said...

HA! Chad just had his big birthday in dec and I too teased him about being "old." I still have a couple years. ;)