21 April 2011

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way!

This past weekend, Jack's parents were in town so we had a little Easter Egg hunt and Katelyn dyed some eggs. She did quite well with the coloring of the eggs and only got a small spot on her clothes (and by the way - it came out! Can you believe it?!?). She did however like to put her hands in the dyem so she had some colorful hands and a nice pink streak going down her arm. Oh well, it came off after a few days. I only had 7 eggs ready to go and that was plenty. After about 5 she was more interested in stirring the dye. I guess we kept a pretty close eye on things because only 1 egg turned out brown. We must have grabbed them before she could put them in every single cup. There's always next year and by then I'm sure it'll be even more of "I do! I do!"

"Not like this Mommy?"

See what I'm talking about!

So pretty! (Except for the ugly duckling!)

The whole time she was out "hunting" eggs, she kept saying "More eggs! More eggs! More eggs!"

The Easter Bunny brought a basket with some goodies too!

The E.B brought some Dora and Elmo bandaids!
Although she won't keep them on her "owie" long enough to do anything!

Decorating the cupcakes the EB brought too.
These are Melissa and Doug wooden cupcakes and you can draw on the "icing" so she has had fun decorating and "baking" them in her oven.

Bubble time with Pops!

Whew! You made it through! Congrats :)
Sorry it was a long one!

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