04 April 2011

Jack's Change of Command

On March 15, Jack took command of HHC 2-3 BSTB. He commanded E/1-30 IN for about 10 months, but the company was merged with another engineering company in January and Jack got to be the lucky one (sarcasm) to be the new HHC commander. HHC is just a different kind of group than a "normal" company. For starters, there are about 220+ soldiers in the company! That's a lot of folks to keep track of! I'm very thankful that this command is during a non deployment time, because I thought keeping up with about 50 spouses was bad, I can't even begin to imagine the work involved in a company this size. So anyways, the fun begins. Let's just say, he's been at work more during the last 2 weeks than home, although it seems to be quieting down a bit. On his first day, he didn't get home until 9:30!

Jack taking the guidon for the new company

Jack with the BN Commander and outgoing HHC Commander

Jack with the new company (or about 50 of them!)


Time to cut the cake
(Do you see Katelyn in the background just having a blast?!)

She was the entertainment at the reception
and was the best little girl that we could have asked for that day!

Wearing Daddy's hat!

Congratulations Jack! We're so proud of you!
We love you!

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