22 January 2012

Getting Baby Brother's room ready

Katelyn had to be sure to be involved in putting the crib back together. She has been Daddy's little helper when it has come to putting things back together. It often times takes a bit longer because she'll run off with one of the screws you might need, but at least she feels involved and helpful.

It sure is amazing how much less organized and prepared room wise I am for #2 than I was with Katelyn.  Seems like with Katelyn I was ready about 3 months beforehand and while I'm ready for 2.0 to arrive, his room isn't near as ready as it was with Katelyn. Don't get me wrong, he has everything he needs, I just don't feel as organized. Oh well! Life goes on and he'll come regardless!

 Once we get his room all put together I'll get some pictures, although it will look surprisingly similar to Katelyn's haha.  We went neutral with everything and it has proved to work out well so far!! We haven't bought much other than a few pieces of clothes.

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