02 January 2012

Driving the tractor

 Katelyn is in love with tractors right now and as luck would have it her Pops has a tractor. So she was a lucky girl and got to drive the tractor with Daddy when we were there over Christmas. She was in Heaven!!!
Climb aboard!!
"Come on Daddy - let's get this thing movin!"

Off they go!

You can't see very well, but Katelyn is actually driving it. She thought she was some big stuff!

They drove for quite a while and I'm not sure she was even ready to stop when Daddy said "all done."
I'm sure this will be the first of many tractor rides. She'll have to go to Grammie and Pops' house over the summer when Pops is mowing all the grass and she can ride for hours and hours and hours!

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