08 January 2012

Playing at the Park

 We took advantage of a nicer winter day and went to the park. Everyone was tired of seeing and unpacking boxes! Katelyn and Daddy had already experienced this park but wanted to show Mommy how cool it was. The coolest part is that it's right next to the river and she got to skip rocks.

Peek A Boo!!
She's such a big girl now and can do most things at the park on her own - at least that's what she thinks, but good thing Daddy is always close by to prevent a fall.
I couldn't believe that she was willing to do this on her own!
She closed her eyes because the last time she went face first into the sand. No fear, Daddy was there to catch this time!

Doing Underdogs with Daddy!

Skipping Rocks

 This winter has been unbelievably mild. I'm afraid we are still in for it though. March might be a cold month. Time will tell!! Either way, I'm sure we'll have many more fun days at the park!

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