12 January 2012

Getting Ready for Baby Brother

I finally got my serger up and running so I've been making burp clothes, shirts for the kids to wear when Katelyn comes to the hospital to meet her baby brother for the first time and peepee tepees. Not sure how much or how well the tepees will work but they were fun to make so we'll give them a whirl. I know we're bound to be baptized many times but that is just the joy of a boy. 

 And doing anything productive in the baby's room with Katelyn in tow is almost next to impossible! She is so excited and anxious for baby to get here she wants to help with everything and dig all the gear out.
She was lining up all the bottles while I was trying to get them in the dish washer.
Helping wash bottles
I'm just as anxious for the lil guy to get here too. I'm not sure Katelyn really knows what she's in for. She may ask to put him back! There is no way she can really have any idea of how much her life is about to change. I'm sure she also thinks he's NEVER going to get here. We've only been talking about him forever! Well hopefully she isn't far from meeting him!!

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