18 January 2012

{Watch Mommy Grow} - 8 Months

8 months!! So close, but yet so far away!!

I've gotten to see the Dr. here at Fort Leonard Wood and they say he is right on track. I am measuring right where I should be and his heart rate is great. My blood pressure is amazing as well. Luckily, I never had blood pressure issues with Katelyn either, so cross your fingers that continues. 2.0 continues to be an active lil guy!  I expressed my concern to the doctor that he was head up but thought that he had since flipped. She said they would take a look. So she brought in the ultrasound machine and looked and sure enough - head down! Praise the Lord! If he happens to flip, they would be willing to try the version before going straight to a c-section as the option. I was very happy to hear that! Stay tuned for one more month!!! So excited to meet our lil guy!!
35 Weeks, 2 Days

Katelyn always wants to be a part of the monthly pictures too!

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