31 May 2012

Bounce House - Waynesville's version

With the weather starting to get hot, we were looking for indoor places to hang out with friends. And it just so happened that some friends were PCSing so we wanted to get together one last time. I'd heard people talk about the bounce place in Waynesville; it is in a strip mall and I just couldn't fathom how it could be that great because of the size of the place. I'd also heard people say they were never open when their hours said they were supposed to be open. Not sure how you can make a business survive like that! I do know that if there was a decent bounce house place in a military community it shouldn't have any problem surviving!

So we arrive at the time we are supposed to meet our friends and per their hours they should be open. There is a little sign in the door saying they will be opening at 1 instead, but it was 1:30 and still no one was there. Great! But by the a couple more people showed up the lady arrived to unlock. They had 5-6 smaller bouncy things and it was just about the right size for our age of kiddos. I'm not sure anyone over the age of 5 would have too much fun. And I don't think it will be someplace we'll be frequenting very often; I mean they may not even be open when we got there anyways! Katelyn did have fun with her friends but was ready to leave after an hour or so.

Sliding with Lily and Liam

Even Will got in on the action! His first bounce house experience ha!

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