26 May 2012

{Watch Me Grow} 3 Months

Will was 3 months on Thursday, May 24. I am enjoying this phase so much and watching him learn new things everyday is so much fun. He's becoming such an easy going, smiley guy and I LOVE IT!! Just look at him and he gives off the biggest smile ever!



He found his feet a last week and they have become his new obsession. It's made for some challenging diaper change!


His hair is starting to get thinner/turn blonde.....just like Katelyn's did. As you can see in the above picture, it looks like he's getting a major comb over.....well it's just light color coming in underneath. I guess we're going to have 2 blue eyed blondes. 

He hasn't shown any attachment problems yet and I'm hoping that it continues this way. He wants attention from someone but it doesn't matter who.  He was starting to get really fussy in the car because (I'm assuming) he couldn't see anyone but the back of the seat, but since he can use his hands more he is ok with playing with the toys on his car seat now. I'm glad his dislike of his seat only lasted a few days! Phew!

He is a drool monster lately. If he were older, I would say he's working on some teeth, but goodness he better not be getting teeth this young! I want to keep that gummy smile for a little while longer!

He can sit in his bumbo pretty well now. In fact, he thinks he's such a big shot now that he doesn't want to lay down. He'd much rather sit up and see what everyone is doing.

He also likes watching tv with Katelyn


No talking of course, but he is starting to make lots of cooing noises and giggling much more easily! I just love baby giggles! 

When he has woken up the last few mornings, he has just been laying in his crib talking to himself just as happy as can be!



He's still eating with no issues. He has been drinking from a bottle more than nursing this past month because he already has to get 2 bottles/day with his medicine in it (he refuses to take it straight) and he is getting too busy watching things to nurse. He just seems to be  more content and not eat as often when he gets it from a bottle. He still nurses fine at night when/if he wakes. He seems to be sleeping better at night with this arrangement so I'm fine with it too - whatever works!


Well, I almost hate to talk about this for fear that I might jinx him! He has been doing stellar the past month. He had 2-3 bad nights about 10 days ago and started spitting up more so we went back to the doctor and he increased his Zantac dose and that has seemed to work. His dosage wasn't increased at his 2 month appt since he was fine with the original dose so I figured he was just outgrowing that and he was! I'm still hoping that by 6 months he'll be Zantac free but for now it's doing the job so we  aren't going to stop it.

He has been sleeping anywhere from 8:15-8:45ish to 3:30-4:30, eats and goes back down 20 minutes later and sleeps until around 7ish give or take a bit. We still swaddle him at night and then after he wakes up and eats, I put him in the swing stationary. I still can't get him to go back down very soundly in his bed, so for now the swing is still working and we're going with it.

The last 2 nights he has gone to bed at 8:30ish and slept until 6:30!! WITHOUT GETTING UP!!!! I was so shocked when he did it the first night and then he did it again last night. I could live with this!! :) I'm sure he's just giving me a taste and then he'll decide that's not the cool thing to do anymore, so I better just enjoy it while I can!

He still takes random naps throughout the day but his longest one is in the afternoon. We are here and there in the morning so his naps kind of depend on what is going on. He falls asleep on me and then snoozes in the swing during the day. My plan is to get him napping in his bed but I don't think I'll have much success until he is sleeping unswaddled at night. I'm in no hurry to get him sleeping unswaddled at night, especially if he's going to give me 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep! 


Favorite Toys:

The toys on his carseat.

His playmat. Now that he can grab toys and get them close to where he wants them he is more content and will play under it for quite some time. He grabs at the toys and ends up turning himself 360 degrees.
Weekly pictures:


 I'm so in love with my BIG BOY!!

Stay tuned in an upcoming post for pictures from his 3 month photo shoot! :)

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