15 May 2012

{Katelyn's 3rd Birthday} Swing Set

 We were really cranking our brains to come up with a good birthday present for Katelyn - I mean the girl does.not.need.anything. Then Jack mentioned a swing set. Well you see, I'd been wanting to get her one when we were in GA but always got the idea nixed by the other half, so when he suggested that I was ALL for it. The closest park is not so close, not like in GA. And I was able to find a decent priced one that we could always Craigslist when moving if we can't get it to fit and should be able to recoup quite a bit of our money. The set isn't huge and hopefully something that we can take apart in a few sections to move......we'll see.....in hopefully no sooner than 2-3 years!

 My parents and brother came for the weekend, so little did they know that they would get to put together a swing set! Jack and Matt worked on it on Thursday night til it got dark and then my Dad and Matt worked some more on it Friday. We just told Katelyn that they were building something. She kept saying that's a slide, but left it at that. I did my best to keep her away on Friday when it started to look like a swing set. So she was pretty surprised when she came down the stairs.....

She loves it! Now if we could just teach her how to swing. She isn't so fond of us trying to show her, so I guess she'll learn in her own time. But for now, shes going to just have to settle for not going too high!

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