08 May 2012

{Katelyn's 3rd Birthday} Cowgirl Party

Warning: Picture overload!

Katelyn turned 3 on Sunday, May 6 and we celebrated with friends and family on May 5. I've been working on her party for about a month off and on. I would only get to do a bit and then someone would need my attention.....I'm sure you can guess who. But, I think it turned out wonderful and she loved it! Near the end of her party she came up to me and said "Thank you for the best party ever Mommy!" There were definitely tears in my eyes and made all the hard work worth it! She's such a sweetie.....most of the time hehe :) 

"Giddy Up!"
Our beautiful Cowgirl!

Dessert table



I'm not sure where she gets these poses from......they were all unprompted! What does she think, that she's turning 16?!

The spread......Smoked pork and chicken, baked beans, potato salad, pasta salad, Texas Caviar, chocolate dipped strawberries, watermelon in the shape of cowgirl hats and boots and grapes. Enough to feed an Army!

All the kiddos chowing down!

Happy Birthday time! She made some of the funniest faces while we were singing to her, as if she wasn't so sure about the singing and she blew out the candle before we finished the song. Such a goof ball!

Pinata time! This pinata was made of steal! After all the kids took multiple swings at it and weren't making a dent in it, an adult intervened. I think we'd still be there swinging at that thing if not for the adult help. After another round with no luck from the kids, Katelyn got some help to finish it off!
Playing on Katelyn's new swing set!

Present time! The kids were so great when it came time to open her presents. They would hand her a present and then sit down in a circle around her watching her open it. Not one of them tried to open them for her. I was SO impressed for 3 year olds!
Picture time with her guests before they left. I got a picture of all the kids except for her cousin Sadie because they'd left earlier. All total we had 20 adults and 14 kids there - that included 6 babies. We had a house-full!!

Party favors! Each family got a jar of Cowgirl Cookies and the kids each got a hat with bandana. 

Phew! I'm glad we made it through her party! She had so much fun with all her friends and family that came to help her celebrate. She was one tired girl and I think she is still trying to catch up on her sleep! 

For her birthday on Sunday, we asked her where she wanted to eat and she picked BWW (She actually said B dub dub). So Buffalo Wild Wings was where we went. The waitress asked her if she was having a good day and she said yes and that it was her birthday. So they brought out a cup of ice cream and the waitress yelled throughout the restaurant that it was Katelyn's 3rd birthday. Katelyn didn't really know what to do and kept looking out at all the people and then back at the waitress. It was really hilarious and priceless! She slept good that night and was excited to go to her new class at "school" on Monday morning!

Happy 3rd Birthday sweet girl!! We love you to pieces!

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