04 July 2012

4th of July

We had fun this 4th of July but darn was it hot! What can I expect? It is the middle of summer in the midwest! Katelyn did some sparklers the night before and had a blast. She was pretty good and not the least bit scared.


Post had some festivities (car show, concert, petting zoo, etc) on the 4th. We went for a bit but the 100+ temperatures quickly ran us back home! The petting zoo was a let down and the car show wasn't much of a show. I could have put my suburban in and it might have won! It was so hot no one was interested in sticking around for long.

Poor Will sweating his tush off in his car seat!

Katelyn not happy because of the heat!
We came back to the house, the Hintz's came over and we smoked some burgers, had some more delicious food and then did a few fireworks before heading back to post to watch their fireworks show.

Will and his buddy David. They are 3.5 months apart.

Will watching the fireworks display in the front yard and pretty happy about it too!


The Hintz's had never done fireworks, not even the adults as kids. Boy have they been missing out ;) hehe. So, they were a little apprehensive (Mom was at least), but not Liam. He was ready to go and do it all! He did have a small mishap - while one of his sparklers was getting lit a spark dropped on his head and got a teeny tiny patch of hair! What a good thing to happen the first time! He wasn't scared, but his mom sure was! I think we about gave her a hard attack that night with the sparklers. Guess we'll see if she does them again next year :) Leave it to the Johannes' !

Liam and Katelyn taking a break

Katelyn and another of her best friends, Katy at the fireworks show on post.

The beautiful display!

I can't wait until next year when Will is big enough to do things and enjoy the beautifulness that the 4th of July brings! He may not be big enough for sparklers next year, but he'll love those things you throw on the ground that pop!

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