01 July 2012

Water Park

 Our small town has a public pool/waterpark. It has everything that we need there - zero entry pool, splash pad area, lazy river, wide slide that dumps out into shallow water and larger slides (too big for Katelyn) and then swimming pool. We went for the first time and got there right when it opened (11AM) and there was no crowd. Katelyn was a little skeptical at first. I guess she forgot how much she swam last summer. Jack took her out into the deeper water and was working with her a little on blowing bubbles, going under, etc, but I really want to get her into some swim lessons. 

All ready to go swimming - hat and all!

Mommy's little firecracker! Love him!

See I wasn't joking when I said wide slide. Adults, several kids at a time, it's big enough for everyone and it doesn't go speedy fast so she was all about it!

Gosh she looks so grown up here!

Jack catching at the bottom of the slide.....

Or, not catching!

They have plenty of shade over the zero entry pool so it was nice for the little guys! He wasn't too scared of it!

They had a mandatory break for the lifeguards because of the heat so the kids "laid" out.

Girl Talk! Poor Liam!

"Mom, did anyone tell you it's hot out here?!"
Katelyn had a great time at the pool, but after about 1.5 hours she was done and we all went home. Perfect for me! I'm sure we'll spend many more weekends there!

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