20 July 2012

Vacation Bible School - Amazing Wonders Aviation

Katelyn is old enough for Vacation Bible School! How?! It just doesn't seem possible. It was kind of a last minute thing that we found out about and the minute I asked her if she wanted to go, I got a rambunctious and resounding YES!!! and then asked all weekend if it was time to go to Bible school yet! The VBS was at the same church that she will be attending Preschool in the fall. I think that also helped her be more excited because she CAN.NOT.WAIT to go to school! I just hope this love of school continues ha!

The theme for the VBS was Amazing Wonders Aviation. The sanctuary stage was transformed into a huge hangar.

All ready for her first day!

Art and lesson from the first day. She's always so proud of her projects!
On Wednesday night, they had a program where all the kids sang the songs they'd been working on during the week. It was pretty cute watching her sing the songs and do all the actions. I had been asking her every day what she had been doing and she would report back a few things but never too much so I was happy to see that she was actually learning something!

Of course she had to pose for the camera!

Dressed and ready to go to the program

Wearing her goggles that she made at school that day

Her and Liam waiting for the program to start

Liam, Katelyn and Katy ready to sing

Katelyn doing the airplane actions

Singing and doing the actions. She messed her headband up and I couldn't get her to fix it. Oh well!

She got a certificate for finishing the week. She was pretty proud of it and still will not let me part with it.

What a great week she had and I can't wait to see her learn and grow at Preschool. I love getting the report every day of what she did and learned at school. Hopefully there will be more reports of "I did this..and learned this...." than "I dunno" or "maybe tomorrow Mom". She was pretty bummed when the week was over and asked to go back to Bible school several times over the next few weeks. Only 2 more weeks and she'll be able to go back for her Preschool!

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