07 July 2012

It's Raining, It's.....sprinkling??

Katelyn used to play in the rain all the time in GA because our house didn't have gutters so there would be standing water on the sidewalk. Plenty of puddles to jump in and plenty of rain showers to make those puddles. Well, as you all know, this summer has been so dry, so no rain puddles to jump in. It started sprinkling for what was probably the first time all summer so she quick got her rain gear on and headed outside. The rain didn't amount to anything and I think was almost evaporating before it even hit the sidewalk. I do know that we didn't even get enough to get the sidewalk wet. BUT, a girl can still try right?! She rain out for a bit but didn't last long; no rain and of course HOT!

Unfortunately she didn't catch much rain :(

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