08 July 2012

Stylish Grease Monkey

My car was in need of some new brakes. So Jack and Katelyn went to the parts store and Jack got to work. Of course Katelyn couldn't miss out on the fun. She has been a lil miss helper lately so it wasn't a big surprise when she wanted to go outside to "help daddy fix mommy's tires." 

However....I was not anticipating this wardrobe! She came out of her bedroom all dressed and ready to go. She even had the matching mittens for her stocking hat, but I nixed the idea because I didn't want black grease all over her soft pink fleece mittens. (Keep in mind it's about 200 degrees outside!) I tried to convince her she didn't need this "git up" but there was no need in talking, she was adamant about wearing it!

She couldn't just stand there, she needed to help too!

Look at that! Doesn't that just make you laugh?!

Such a 3 year old lil ham!

Big helper!
And this is what she looked like when all the work was done! Hot and sweaty and DIRTY!

She definitely got a bath that night! I love her never-ending imagination right now! She is constantly cracking us up! She's going to be able to work on some cars by the time she's 10. If you break down, just call Katelyn! She'll come to your rescue haha!

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