04 December 2011

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

We decided that decorating for Christmas was going to be too much because we would be moving before Christmas and I didn't want to put the tree up and decorate the house for 2 weeks. Katelyn is really into Christmas this year - Santa, the tree, and baby Jesus - so we decided we needed to do something as far as the tree was concerned. We were planning on celebrating Christmas a couple weeks early before we left GA BUT where were we going to put the presents that Santa brought?! Jack had the great idea we would go out behind our house in the woods and find a "Charlie Brown" tree so we at least had something. I thought it was a great idea!! And of course Katelyn was all on board for going to find a tree.

On the hunt for the "perfect" Christmas tree!

We FOUND it!!

This was as much decorating as the poor little guy got.
The little thing could hardly hold the 100 string of lights that we put on it so we decided against any ornaments! Katelyn was pretty proud of her tree!

My 2 favorite people with our little little tree!!
Merry Christmas y'all!!

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