25 December 2011

Christmas in Kansas

Christmas this year was lots and lots of driving and took up the whole month and then add a move on top of it!! Although, it was a busy month, it was great to see so much family and once we were in the midwest, we knew we weren't going to be leaving  to head back to the south after the holidays. It was so nice to wake up knowing there was only an 8 hour drive ahead of us and not a 22 hour drive!! 
Coming down the stairs to check out what Santa brought (Round #2!)
Checking out cookie situation with Papa- Santa just left crumbs again!!

Tearing into the packages!

Of course she had to make sure everyone else got help opening their packages too.

A new suitcase for all her visits to the Grandparents houses!!
A new blanket for her new big girl room
Farming with her new pink tractor.  She took it everywhere. This might have been her favorite Christmas present this year!
Testing out her new vacuum. Now she can be just like Momma and actually let me vacuum on my own instead of insisting on helping me. It's supposed to pick up dirt - no such luck with that!
And look at allllll these foam puzzle pieces! Oh she loves them alright but they are a mess to put back together! One day she'll get it all figured out and she can do it all by herself!!

Christmas in Kansas was fun as expected, but our time at each family always seems to go by so fast! Now back to MO for a few days and then move in, and Christmas Round #3!!

Once again, good thing we are so much closer now and only 2 more months until we will get to meet the 4th member of our family! 

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