28 December 2011

Move in Day!

I kick myself now because I was too busy that day and didn't get many pictures! Thanks to my mother in law for snapping a few.

We had quite a day getting the 4 hours from Jack's parents to our new place. We were halfway to the house, in the middle of St. Louis, when Jack says over the radio "I think I've blown a tire!" Oh crap!! Sure enough - there was a shredded tire on the trailer. We were almost to the on ramp to take the by pass around St. Louis. (Not such a good place to change a tire) So they decided to limp along to the nearest exit and change it there in a much safer location. You would not believe how many people were backed up behind our 35 mph caravan (the speed limit was of course much higher). I didn't see how many fingers we received - oh well, at least we made it to a safe location. Jack and his dad got busy taking the shredded tire off and putting on one of 2 spares we were prepared with. Well once they got the spare on, they realized that it didn't fit! Thankfully, we had pulled into a church parking lot and a gentleman came out to check on us and said that there was a tire store just down the road. Jack's sister happened to be caravaning with us and had room in her car to throw in the old tire, so off they headed to the tire store for a replacement. Thankfully after going to 2 tire stores they were able to get the tire replaced and put back on the trailer. So 2 hours later we were back on the road!!

Our crew eating dinner! Both of the trailers were unloaded at this point. Jack's mom was so kind to prepare lasagna and the works to heat up so we didn't have to worry about what we were going to get for dinner that night for everyone and it worked AMAZING!!

Oh what a mess!!! Looks like we have LOTS of work to do!!!

The baby's room and more than just his things in there!
A huge THANK YOU goes out to everyone for helping with the pack up, move out, move in and unpacking!! We couldn't have done it without everyone's help!!
Once we get the house all put together I'll do a post with the finished look!  No promises on how soon that will be - we need to order furniture, etc so once everything is in I'll take some pictures!

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