23 December 2011

Christmas cookies with Grandma

Katelyn loves helping in the kitchen, especially with cookies/cupcakes/muffins. Grandma told her that she would wait on making Christmas sugar cookies so Katelyn could help her. Grandma didn't really have a choice after she mentioned it to Katelyn because Katelyn wouldn't stop talking about it. Katelyn was going to hold her to it!

Katelyn sporting her new Christmas present! The most awesome apron ever!!! She looked sooo darn cute in it too I just couldn't stand it!!

With Katelyn helping make sugar cookies, you end up rolling out the dough much more often.
She hasn't quite figured out the trick to get the most out of the dough. I guess that'll come with time haha. What 2 year old has that figured out?!

Checking the finished product!
She's the cutest little baker in the area!!
I just love this little baker!

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Suzanne said...

Love these photos!