07 December 2011

Daddy's Change of Command

Wow! How do I start this off? This has been a LONG almost 2 years of long days and late nights for Jack and plenty of FRG business and drama to keep me beyond busy. We were so excited when this day finally came. We'd been counting down for quite some time (Jack probably longer than me). I was beyond ready to have my husband back and Katelyn to have her Daddy back! It also meant that we were that much closer to moving back to the midwest and SOOO much closer to family!!

Our long awaited day finally arrived!! It was a chilly day but to make matters worse - it decided to start raining so we moved the ceremony into the motor pool building. It worked out fine but it was noisy and confined. Oh well - the ceremony still went on and CPT Young assumed responsibility of HHC 2-3 BSTB! That was all that mattered!

Katelyn before the ceremony! Even she is excited!

HHC in formation before the change of command (not the entire 250 man company though)

Change of Command Ceremony
(Jack is on the left and the Battalion Commander is on the right)

The tradition is to give the outgoing wife a bouquet of a dozen red opened roses and the incoming commanders wife a dozen of closed yellow roses.
Jack got Katelyn a rose of her own! After all, it is tough being the Commander's daughter haha

That night as we sat watching tv, Jack and I both looked at each other in disbelief. Did it really happen?!? Was the FRG no longer my responsibility? Was Jack no longer in Command?!! And the answer to all those questions - YES!!! This meant, no more late night phone calls about soldiers getting thrown in jail for any number of reasons and no more emails/calls from spouses regarding their soldier. How freeing this all felt! When Jack brought his cell phone into the bedroom that night, I had to remind him that he could leave it out in the kitchen. No one was going to call and wake us up in the middle of the night!

Jack - you did a great job in command and I was so proud to be your partner in crime throughout those past 2 years. There were some tough times but all in all it turned out well! I know many soldiers felt very lucky to have you as their commander and were sad to see you leave! You left a lasting impact on many young soldiers! I love you !

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