10 December 2011

Christmas in GA

We celebrated Christmas amongst ourselves before we left GA so it was several weeks before Christmas, but Katelyn isn't quite big enough yet to fully understand everything yet so it worked in our favor. Santa came to GA and also to KS and MO. Who says Santa can't make multiple trips throughout the month of December and January?! haha

Picking out cookies to put out for Santa

Ready for Santa to fill our tree with presents
(it wouldn't take but a few to have that poor little guy loaded full!)

Just waking up the next morning

He ate ALL the cookies!!!!

She thought we needed to immediately refill the plate for Santa!

He brought a new basketball goal!

And a marble game as she calls it

New Berenstain Bear books!! (Mommy's Favorite!)

And a little people nativity scene

She loved hauling Baby Jesus around in the wagon pulled by the donkey.
Silly girl!

Coloring a beautiful masterpiece on her easel!

All these new toys just to be packed up a week later and hauled to Missouri. At least they kept her busy for a little while when we were packing!

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MICHELE said...

do you love how LONG those bernstein bear books are?! b/c I know I do! ;) Moving and Christmas...wow, tough! Can't wait for baby time!!