27 December 2011


 We went back to Jack's parents house for a few days until it was time for our BIG move and the next morning Katelyn and her cousin Sadie woke up to SNOW!! Katelyn was much more excited about it than Sadie. Snow is probably old hat for Sadie, but Katelyn on the other hand hasn't seen much snow in her short life.

Katelyn and Sadie looking out the window. Katelyn kept saying "How did that snow get there!?!" She was so puzzled!!
Katelyn was pretty stoked to get out in the snow. We didn't have much snow gear accessible so we managed with what we had. Sadie wasn't too interested in playing so Katelyn and Daddy went out and had some fun - before she got too cold!

Making a snow man. There really wasn't much snow there but they made do with what they had!
The little guy is ALL done!
Time for a snow ball fight!

Hopefully we'll have much better snow to make snow men and make snow balls with once we get all settled in. Everyone keeps telling me that I'm crazy for wanting snow but I just want some for Katelyn to experience it all. I understand that driving in the snow with all the crazy people isn't so fun. At least Katelyn and I can just stay home and look at the window at the beautiful falling snow. 

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