08 June 2012


The kids and I went back to Wichita for a few days. We went because my aunt and uncle were being thrown a surprise anniversary/birthday party and none of the extended family had seen Will yet. It's only 5.5 hours, without potty and food stops. The kids did pretty well but Will got a cold a few days before we left. I'd taken him to the doctor the day before and the doc said there was nothing they could do and that it would just have to run it's course. So, he was on the miserable side and wasn't sleeping so hot because he couldn't breathe = tired momma. I decided to go anyway because nothing would be different if we had stayed home. So the trip took about 7 hours, which wasn't too bad considering we stopped and sat down for lunch and of course had to stop for potty breaks along the way too. 

We had talked about going to the zoo, but decided to hold off on that excursion until it was a little cooler, the kids were well and Jack was with it. So I suggested going to Botanica (gardens in Wichita). They just added a kids section and from pictures I'd seen it looked fun. Even though I grew up in Wichita, I'd only been to Botanica for a short minute to take a few senior pictures, so I was pretty excited to see it. (And i knew Jack wouldn't be too disappointed that he missed out on this adventure). 

Top right - Butterfly garden

This butterfly was just hanging here not moving a bit.

In the kids section

Her favorite part of the kid area - pumping water

This is how Will spent his time at Botanica. It was good because he needed his sleep.

Being a goof ball!

Everything was beautiful and I'd love to go again when different flowers are in bloom.

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