15 June 2012

Pulaski County Fair

The fair was in town and since there isn't much else to do in our small town we decided to go. Katelyn had been talking about riding a ferris wheel for sometime. I'm not sure where she saw one at but ever since she'd seen one she has been talking about it. So we met some friends there, had a little fair food, paid an exuberant amount of money for ride tickets and let the kids bribe us into paying $5 to "fish" for a piece of junk fair toy. The kids had fun and we were home by 8! Can't beat that!!

Riding the love bugs with Liam

Liam is one of Katelyn's best friends here. They go to "school" together on post and will also go to the same preschool. His mom and I laugh at these two because they talk and argue with each other just like an old married couple. They are so cute together and play pretty well for 3 year olds!

Time for the ferris wheel! It only cost $8 for Jack and her to ride a whole 3-4 minutes. Gotta love rip off carnival rides!

Carnival rides make me nervous, especially ones that go several stories high. The little kiddie rights - they are ok.

Up high, waiting for the rest to get on. Good thing they loaded first, they got a longer ride...or longer sit.

Fishing for ducks to win their blow up piece of junk that also squeaks!

And where are the pictures of Will you might ask--- well he slept the whole time in the stroller! Smart boy!

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