04 June 2012

Preschool Bumper Bowling

Post had a program that was a couple hours long and for preschoolers to learn how to bowl, bumpers of course were up. It was a tad unorganized but none the less, the kids had a blast!
Katelyn with her friends, Liam and Katy

She always got so excited when she would knock down any pins.

The ball is almost bigger than she is. It weighed 6 pounds. The little ones just put it on the ground and try to roll it down the lane. Let's just say some of them BARELY made it to the pins.

Notice the speed in the right hand corner! I think grass grew faster than some of the rolls.
They provided a snack - popcorn and juice boxes. At the end, the were starting to lose interest and the snack was more exciting and popular than bowling. (Click on the photo to see the score of this high scoring game. ha!)

For the second game, they brought out the ramps. Thank the Lord! This game went remarkably faster! And the score was MUCH higher too!

Katelyn even got a spare!

The bowling alley on post is participating in the free bowling program for the summer. So we have been a couple other times since and Katelyn enjoys it. She still gets excited when she knocks over the pins but doesn't get bummed when she misses. She just says "I didn't get any."  Watch out pros, here's a bowler in the works. HA! Just kidding! But it is fun!

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