23 June 2012

Weekend at Grammie and Pops

Katelyn spent her first weekend away at Grammie and Pops recently. One of Jack's good friends was getting married in TN and it was an 11 hour drive from our house. Although Katelyn is a GREAT traveler, we knew she wasn't going to have any fun in the fast trip. We drove 5 hours the first night, 6 hours the next day, got there just in time for the wedding and left the next day to drive back to Jack's parents house which was an 8 hour day in the car. So, we asked if she wanted to spend the weekend at Grammie and Pops and of course the answer was a very excited YES!!! She had been asking to spend time at the grandparents houses' for some time, but it just hadn't worked out. And even better, her cousin was going to be there too!

She was so excited the week that we were leaving, I bet I heard a million times... "Are we going to Grammie's today??" Her and Sadie had a blast! And we hadn't even been home a day when she was asking "Can I go back to Grammie and Pops'?" Guess it's pretty boring at our house!

Here are some of the happenings from their weekend! Poor Grammie was probably worn out by the time they left. I'm sure she didn't get to sit down for a second with 2 busy 3 year olds!

And before we left we had to get a new picture with all the grandkids and Grammie and Pops! 2 new little boys to add to the mix! Next year is going to be WILD at Christmas! Those girls better watch out, the boys will be holding their own by then!

It was great getting to meet our newest little nephew David! He seems so small compared to Will. It is crazy how much 3 months difference is at this stage. In about 2 years, it won't be a big difference at all!
3 generations of Johannes "Men"

An impromptu family photo with Grammie and Pops!

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