28 June 2012

Splash Pad

We met some friends at the Splash Pad in Waynesville today. She wasn't as hip on it as she was when we were in GA. It took a bit of coaxing to get her in there even when her buddy showed up. I'm not sure what she was scared of. In her defense, the water was a bit cold but I don't think that was stopping her initially, but it did get her out because she was nothing but goose bumps.

Waiting on her buddy Liam to show up

Such a cute little ruffle butt! I just love ruffles on little girls' behinds. Unfortunately, she's almost getting too old for these ruffles :( My baby girl isn't a baby anymore :(

Whew, Liam is here, now she can get wet....maybe!

Will hung out on a blanket in the shade with his buddy David.

Next year buddy you'll be running through the water!

Guess it's not so bad after all

Look at that cute face, even though she needed a haircut!

Laying around with David!
We've been managing to find enough indoor and water activities to do to keep cool while it's been so wicked hot!

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