13 June 2012

Sesame Street

A mini version of Sesame Street Live came to Fort Leonard  Wood.  There were only 5 characters and the story was about a girl that had to move to a new post. So she was sad that she had to leave her neighborhood and all her friends. I'm not really sure that the kids really listened to the real meaning of the story but they were sure excited to see Elmo! And they got those toys they are holding that spin around when you push the button. They were given them as we walked in the door so you know what they played with the entire time. Yep! Those darn things! Katelyn had fun though, so that's all that counts!

And there's her ridiculous smile again! One of these days it'll be normal...right?!

I'm not looking forward to dealing with these kind of emotions when it comes time to move. I'm glad we don't have to deal with that for the next couple of years because I'm afraid that this move may be a bit harder; she has already made some great friends.....and she's only 3! Lil miss Social Butterfly haha!

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