24 June 2012

Water Gun Fight - sort of!

A few weekends ago Jack went back to his parents (when I and the kids went to KS) and brought back some of his toys from when he was little. How awesome is it that he still has a lot of this stuff?!? He brought back some metal trucks and cars - ones that you can't find anymore because everything is junk plastic.

Well, who remembers super soakers? I sure do!! And I remember having water gun fights with the neighbors, although, they always had much bigger super soakers than we had and didn't have to refill them as often, so we usually got ambushed. Oh well, it was fun and great memories.


Jack was excited to show Katelyn the water guns and she was pretty stoked to play with them too, until she realized that she was going to get wet. When has this ever been a problem before?? I'm not sure. I guess she was confused that she was in regular clothes and getting wet. We told her repeatedly that it was fine to get wet, we would change them when we went inside but she just got upset EVERY time she got shot. So the water guns will just have to wait I guess.

It was a little difficult for her to push the trigger on. Just a little too big for her and too heavy when it was full of water. She could make it work better if I pulled the trigger initially.

Will's participation....poor guy...one of these days. Watch out Katelyn!

See.....not so happy that she was wet! It'll dry kid! It'll dry....it's only 300 degrees outside!

"Ok, it's not soooo bad but still, don't shoot me Dad!"
Maybe if we got her a water gun that was more her size she would have more fun and be ok with getting wet. Who knows! Sometimes she can be ok with getting SO dirty and other times she's such a miss priss!

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