24 December 2012

Christmas in Kansas

We headed to Wichita right from Springfield on Friday. It was nice that the trip was 1.5 hours shorter! When we got there on Friday afternoon we went to the mall to see Santa since we hadn't made it for a Santa visit just yet. We were all betting that Will would not be a fan, but he was as calm as could be. He just sat there and looked at him. I'm sure he was quite curious where in the heck he was but he sure didn't protest about it! Next year will probably be MUCH different!  Katelyn told Santa that she wanted a Doll House for Christmas.

Friday night we went out to dinner and then drove around for a minute to look at Christmas lights. There is a street that has been name "Candy Cane Lane" and all the houses are lite up big time! From what I've heard, if you sell your house, the lights stay with it and the new owners are required to put up lights. We drove through last year and I think there were even more lights up this year. There were Party Buses and Limos cruising through as well. I can't imagine all the work involved in getting it up and down each year.

Then on Saturday, we opened presents. This photo op is a classic in our family. When my brother and I were little, we would have to sit at the top of the stairs and get our picture taken. We both thought it was like torture because we could see either big boxes or bikes or whatever Santa had left for us sitting there at the bottom of the stairs but we couldn't get to it until Dad took this stupid picture. Well, now I understand! I wanted that picture too and will try to do it every year we are there for Christmas as well! Fortunately, there was nothing big sitting out that Katelyn was dying to get to, so it made it a bit easier.

And then a picture in front of the Christmas tree before the opening started.
Digging right in!
And Will playing with his new tow truck that Uncle Matt got him.
This was about as excited as he got with the opening. He'd rip one spot and then crawl off to play with something else.

And Katelyn was always at the ready to help anyone who asked for help with the opening!

And afterward, all the opening was just too much for Will. He was pooped! Daddy even caught a small cat nap too!

She built (Well Mommy did most of it) her new Cinderella castle from her duplo blocks that Uncle Matt got her!
We went to church on Sunday morning and then had Christmas dinner before Matt needed to head back home to go to work on Monday. Such a bummer! And of course we couldn't get undressed from our church duds before snapping a few pictures!
Kids with Grandma and Papa

A new family picture!

And one with Uncle and the kids

Then on Christmas Eve, we headed back to Missouri to have our first Christmas with just our family of 4!! We had a great visit and Christmas in Kansas but the time always goes too fast!

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