01 December 2012

The start of our Christmas festivities!

We put our tree up after we got back from Thanksgiving. Katelyn helped get the branches out of the box and match the colored tips together to make like color piles. She also was a big helper in putting on the ornaments (although I had to reposition some of them.) She wanted to decorate the tree for days after we were done. Will was pinned up in his bouncer while we were putting the tree up. I was afraid he'd be into everything but so far he has proven me wrong!

Putting the star on top!

The finished tree!

Taking it all in! He has been SOOO good and has not really messed with it. Almost like it doesn't even exist!

And our Elf - Tricksie- came to visit as well! He spent his first day sitting in our tree. Stay tuned for more of Tricksie's shenanigans!

Pinterest has all kinds of great Christmas ideas. I stole this idea from there - wrap a Christmas book for each day of advent. So each night, Katelyn opens a book and that's the book we read before bed. She gets to excited to open a new book each night, although most of these books were ones she's already seen/read before. I guess when you only read them once a year they are new each year!

Reading our 1st night of Advent book!

Another pinterest idea.....

I got together with some friends and we had a Ladies/craft/wine night. It was a lot of fun and we actually got a lot accomplished! It's made of felt and the kids and decorate and re-decorate over and over again. Katelyn enjoys making patterns with the light bulbs. There is also a cute felt nativity scene I also saw on Pinterest - may be a project for next year.

Even Will likes playing.....

.....and you can see when he plays, everything from about 2 feet up is on the floor!

Putting her finishing touches on it!

I love starting new traditions at Christmas time with our little family! The season has been so much fun already and there is still so much of it left!

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