24 December 2012

{Watch Me Grow} 10 Months

10 Months! Although I'm very excited about the next phases, I'm sad that he's growing up so fast. I had better get on the birthday planning because it's going to be here oh so soon!



He has figured out how to pull up to EVERYTHING and is beginning to cruise around stuff.  He's even gotten brave a few times and switched from one object that he was holding on to, to another object within reach.

And he's also going to be our climber! He likes to climb up the stairs so the baby gate is in place while we are in the basement. And I know when Jack has put it up, because he's standing at it hollering because he wants to go up the stairs! Lil Stinker!

He started waving, but not all the time. If we wave at him and say "Bye Bye" then he'll wave back.

He is also working on 4, and no that isn't a typo, 4 top teeth! He is miserable and so are his little buns :( The poor guy has the worst diaper rash I've ever dealt with. Thankfully I think he's starting to get better, but working on 4 teeth at the same time is rough! I just wish they would come in already!!!


He has said "bye" several times and at the appropriate times. Jack was getting ready to leave for work one morning and Will was standing up to the couch and watch him walk out the door and waved with  his hand and said "Bye Bye!" Oh it was So cute!!

He still babbles "Dadadada" and "Bababa."


He still gobbles up most baby foods and is starting to get a little braver with big people foods. Hopefully by next month I'll have more to report in this area!!


We've had more and more sleep through the night nights, but these teeth have also put a wrench in things too. When he sleeps all night he usually gets up between 5-6 which means that there is no going back to sleep for me. When he gets up once he usually does it around 2-3ish which means I get to go back to sleep for a while. I'm not going to say that I don't like it when he sleeps through the night, but when I feel like I get more sleep when he wakes up a little earlier and then goes back down within 30-45 minutes. 


This has been a busy month of traveling! He still isn't the best road tripper. I'm hopeful that once we are able to flip his seat around, our traveling will get better. One can only hope right?!?

We went to Wichita for Thanksgiving and the Sunday after Thanksgiving he was baptized in the church I grew up in and also got married in. He was a trooper through the entire thing and never made a peep!

Will and his Sponsor, Uncle Matt
 We also put up the Christmas tree. He helped....a little! ha!

He attended his first parade - The Christmas Parade in Waynesville. He did well even though the fire engines were VERY loud!

He cheered real hard for Army during the Army/Navy game, but apparently it wasn't quite hard enough! Maybe next year?!?

We went to Branson for 3 days with some friends and road the Polar Express. He did well even though it was in the evening and he'd had no nap during the day. 

They are ready for the train to get rolling! Haha - look at Will's expression.
  And then he fell asleep. So Santa laid his head down on Daddy's shoulder too. (What a realistic looking Santa he was!)

After we left Branson, we spent a night in Springfield with our friends and then headed to Wichita to have Christmas with my family.  Will wasn't much into opening presents, but the paper was ok!

We hadn't made it to sit on Santa's lap while we were in MO, so we made a quick trip to the mall and got the deed done! We were all betting that Will wasn't going to be a fan, but he didn't really care at all. He even looked at him several times and was fine with him. Boy were we wrong!

This is a classic picture that my brother and I always had to take when we were little. It about killed us to see what Santa had left under the tree but couldn't get to yet because Mom and Dad had to take these silly pictures. Now I understand why ;)

Favorite Toys/Books:

Bath time is probably one of his favorite times lately. He got this new bath toy as an early Christmas present from my cousin and it's a hit every night at bath. Even Katelyn is in love with it!


I have a new helper with the dishes! Or more of a pest I might say. He knows when I'm working on the dishes and over he comes. And of course he always wants to grab one of the pieces of dirty silverware out of the door. 

Weekly Pictures:

I was bad this  month and missed a few weeks. I guess that's what happens when we are traveling a lot!
November 30, 2012 - 40 Weeks

December 14, 2012 - 42 Weeks


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