02 December 2012

Waynesville Christmas Parade

Waynesville had a Christmas parade today. The weather was absolutely PERFECT, maybe even a smidge on the warm side! Jack definitely had shorts on and it's December ....in Missouri! The weather felt like December weather we would have had in Georgia.

This was Katelyn's first real parade. We saw parades when we were at Disney World but not this kind of a parade. She couldn't wait for it to start because we told her they would be throwing candy.

Waiting for it to start.

Watching so intently

Will was such a trooper; this was right in the middle of nap time. He fell asleep on the way to the parade and probably napped for about 20 minutes. Every firetruck in the county was there and all thought it was a great idea to blow there horn while driving past. Surprisingly, it didn't scare him at all. He was one tired cookie that night and slept ALL night!

Using Will's hat to collect her candy - next time we go to a small town parade I need to remember to bring a bag of some sort! They throw a ton of candy out.

Running for the candy!

It's getting full!

See Santa in the snow plow??

The church where Katelyn goes to Preschool

She got SOOO much candy at the parade. It was way more than she got at Halloween! Both of the Santa hats were filled to the brim. She had fun but was definitely tired at the end and ready to head home.  Fortunately, we were at the very beginning of the parade so we just high tailed it out of there as soon as their last float went by, which happened to be Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

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Joann said...

What great fun you all are having!! It is such a great blog. Rachel and Jack always loved the candy throwing.